Divvy in the Winter

Check out our tips to help you keep riding in colder weather.

Divvy bikes will be available to help you get from Point A to Point B all winter long. We're taking special steps to ensure the system is ready to face a Chicago winter.

Staying Safe and Warm
We encourage riders to continue riding during the winter months with these tips for staying warm:

  • Keep your hands & feet warm with a good pair of gloves and a thick pair of socks
  • Wear a thin knit hat or a helmet liner to keep your head warm
  • Wear layers to keep warm – but don't overdress, since you'll heat up once you start riding
  • Only ride in conditions that you're comfortable with
  • Have a back-up plan in case the weather changes and isn't good for biking
  • Make sure you're visible in snowy weather by wearing something brightly colored
  • Keep your eyes open for patches of ice

Keeping Stations Clear of Snow and Ice
To make sure stations and bikes are ready to operate at all times, our rebalancing teams, technicians, and station cleaners will be outfitted with shovels, brooms, and salt. These teams work throughout the city everyday from 6am to midnight, and will ensure stations are clear of snow and ice.

Bike Maintenance
Our bike checkers and technicians will continue to repair and check all the bikes in the system to make sure they are in good repair and safe to ride, no matter what elements they face. We’ll be reducing the number of bikes in the system during colder weather to match ridership demands.

System-Wide Closure
The only time the system will not be available is in the event of severe weather. If this happens, we will shut down the system, but riders who already have bikes out will still be able to return them.

We are constantly monitoring weather conditions, and will take action to keep riders and the system safe in inclement weather. In light snowfall, the system will remain open and we'll clear stations and bikes of snow. In heavier snowfall and severe weather, the number of bikes in our fleet will be reduced and the entire system may be shut down to keep our riders, staff and equipment safe.

In the event a system-wide closure is necessary, we’ll let the public know via a press release, an update on our website, posts on social media, an email to our Annual Members, and closing the stations in our online map and Divvy app.