Double the Red, Double the Fun

You may have spotted Divvy's singular red unicorn bike in the past, but this year we're doubling the fun!

To celebrate the fact that Divvy has more than doubled in size, we're releasing TWO of the city's favorite bike, #DivvyRed, back into the Chicago wild.

The regular Divvy bikes match the blue of the Chicago flag, but #DivvyRed is painted Chicago red to match the stars in the flag. Riding it gives you magical powers (sort of) and posting a photo of it can get you terrific prizes.

The Game

STEP 1: Find #DivvyRed
Happen upon one of the red bikes at one of our stations, watch someone riding it on the street, spot it far in the distance... However and whenever you come across one of those beautiful red bikes, know you're experiencing a special moment.

STEP 2: Take a photo
When you see a red bike, take a photo and post it to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr with the hashtag #DivvyRed. Make sure your profile is public so our team can see when you've posted.

STEP 3: Cross your fingers
We have an awesome #DivvyRed prize pack that we're giving away twice per week during the month of August. We're looking for fun and interesting photos, and we'll award prizes to our favorite ones, given out on Twos-days (Tuesdays) in August. Winners will be notified on the social network where they posted.

The Prizes

Here are the great prizes you could win:

  • Two Divvy memberships with exclusive *red* keys
  • Two Divvy t-shirts
  • Two Divvy sweatshirts
  • Two Divvy water bottles
  • Two Divvy keychains
  • Two $20 gift cards
  • Two 24-hour passes

Please read the official rules before entering the contest.