Ebike pricing & parking

Below is more information about Divvy ebikes pricing structure, pricing zones and where you can park throughout the city of Chicago.

Ebike Pricing

Zone 1 ebike fee breakdown

Zone 1 (in yellow on the map below)

  • In Zone 1, per-minute pricing will apply from the start of your ebike ride. If you end your ride outside a Divvy station or e-station in Zone 1, you’ll be charged an out-of-station parking fee.

Zone 2 ebike fee breakdown

Zone 2 (in blue on the map below)

If you start or end your ebike ride in Zone 2, it will include 30 or 45 minutes (depending on membership status) at no additional cost before per-minute pricing kicks in. If you end your ride outside a Divvy station or e-station in Zone 2, the out-of-station parking fee will be waived to account for the lower density of stations.

Ebike parking

To improve availability and keep our streets neat, we’ve installing ebike-only e-stations throughout our service area. Use the ebike’s locking cable to secure it at an e-station (blue Classic bikes can’t be docked here). Ebike parking is free at Divvy stations and e-stations. You may also lock to a public bike rack, signpost, light pole, or retired parking meter within the service area for $2 or for free depending on which zone you are parking inside the Divvy network.

Some areas of Chicago are ebike parking only. Our Classic blue Divvy bikes can only be docked in the traditional Divvy stations. Check our website or the Divvy or Lyft app before riding to know where to park your bike! Below is a map showing the areas that has ebike parking only. These areas also have no ebike fees (Zone 2) - so it costs the same as riding one of our Classic bikes!

Ebike parking violations

Parking violations — including locking the ebike to itself, private property, trees, or any other structures as well as blocking pathways, sidewalks, or ramps — incur a $25 fee. You’ll be charged a $25 fee for parking your ebike outside of the service area.

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