Divvy in Evanston

We've rolled into Evanston with 10 stations and 100 bikes!

In the summer of 2016, Evanston launched 10 Divvy bike share stations at strategic locations to provide residents, visitors and students with an additional two-wheeled transportation option. Divvy is designed to allow riders to get quickly from Point A to Point B, or take a leisurely cruise along the lake shore.

Evanston is one of the first Chicago suburbs to be able to enjoy bike share, thanks to a grant from the State of Illinois.

Station Locations

Evanston began with 10 Divvy bike share stations deployed in July 2016. Planning for the Evanston stations originally began with an eight station network. As part of the Illinois Department of Transportation Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program, the City of Evanston was awarded funding for eight stations. In planning for these original eight stations, the station regions were selected based on the goal of developing a network that balances access to transit, geography and population reach.

The eight stations were defined by gathering data from a survey during the City’s Bike Plan Update, a Northwestern University Industrial Engineering capstone project, a community meeting, an online survey (with over a thousand respondents), and paper surveys provided at the Levy Senior Center and Evanston Public Library’s Main Library. Data from these reports and meetings identified trip generators and destination points which then defined the eight original station locations. The two additional stations are provided with support from Northwestern University and their locations were determined based on providing connections between the eight established stations and the Northwestern campus.

Benson Ave & Church St
Located in downtown Evanston, adjacent to the Davis Street CTA Purple Line and Metra Stations, this station provides connections for riders looking to access transit stations from the numerous restaurants, entertainment venues, shops, and employment opportunities in the downtown area.

Chicago Ave & Washington St
Just steps away from the Main Street CTA Purple Line and Metra Stations, this station serves the vibrant Main-Dempster Mile commercial districts and is located less than half a mile away from the lakefront park system.

Elmwood Ave & Austin St
Adjacent to the Presence Saint Francis Hospital and within walking distance to the South Boulevard CTA Purple Line Station,community members can use this station to connect to the neighborhood parks of south Evanston and the services and employment opportunities provided by Presence Saint Francis Hospital.

Valli Produce at Evanston Plaza
Nestled within the commercial center of west Evanston, the station, located within Evanston Plaza, is a short walk to a multitude of retail stores and bus connections along both Dempster Street and Dodge Avenue.

Church St & Dodge Ave
Immediately to the west of downtown and along the 2016 Dodge Avenue protected bike lane, this station serveS community members traveling to Evanston Township High School and the various community centers nearby.

Central St Metra
Situated in the heart of the Central Street commercial corridor, this station serveS riders connecting by Metra Rail to north Evanston.

Central St & Girard Ave
Adjacent to the Central Street CTA Purple Line Station and NorthShore Evanston Hospital, this station connects community members and visitors traveling between the Central Street CTA and Metra stations.

Chicago Ave & Sheridan Rd
Steps from the southern entrance to Northwestern University’s Evanston Campus, this station connects riders traveling between Evanston’s downtown, Northwestern, and the lakefront’s recreational opportunities.

Sheridan Rd & Noyes St
Located along the western edge of Northwestern University’s Evanston Campus and a five minute walk from the Noyes Street CTA Purple Line Station, this station serves community members looking to access Northwestern’s Campus or connect to the downtown or Central Street stations. This station is possible through the support of Northwestern University.

University Library
Northwestern students, faculty and staff and campus visitors can travel to the heart of Northwestern's Evanston Campus to access the arts and cultural resources of the Arts Circle and the educational resources of the adjacent University Library and Norris University Center. This station is possible through the support of Northwestern University.

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If you have any questions about Divvy, please feel free to call us 24/7 at 855-553-4889 or email us at customerservice@divvybikes.com.

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