Women of Divvy | Lindsay

October is Women's Bike Month and we're celebrating all the great women who keep Divvy rolling. Meet Lindsay, as Director of Marketing she leads our small but mighty Marketing team and is the the brain behind marketing strategy at Divvy.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

After being a Divvy fan for 5 years, it’s amazing to get to see the inside workings of Divvy. Plus the added bonus of promoting Divvy to Chicagoans and its communities.

Did you bike before working at Divvy?

I’ve biked since I was a kid growing up in Texas. When I moved to Chicago I didn’t have a bike and quickly rectified that and got the courage to ride in Chicago traffic. Then I biked for fun, to get to/from work, and to run errands.

What is one thing you’ve learned about biking or bike share since working at Divvy?

So many things! One thing I wish I knew more about was the mechanics of the bike itself so I didn’t have to take it to a shop all the time for small fixes. Just hanging out around the mechanics and the rest of the crew I learn so much. If I’m ever curious about something, I just have to ask and they are more than happy to show me.

What are your biggest concerns while biking?

How do I carry all my stuff I have to take to work and then if I want to pick up even more stuff on the way home? I don’t want to topple over with all these bags! I ended up getting one collapsible basket on the back of my bike. Then noticed for groceries two would be good, so I finally broke down and got a second one.

What is your favorite biking adventure story?

On the day of the Cubs World Series celebration in Grant Park, I was working on Museum Campus and planned to leave early to watch it on TV. I left in what I thought was plenty of time only to discover they were no longer letting any pedestrians in or out of Museum Campus as the park was at capacity. There were no cabs of buses coming in either. I finally spied a Divvy station, bought a pass at the kiosk, and rode south away from the chaos until I could cross back towards the city. It was a harrowing bike ride once I got in the thick of it, but without Divvy I’m not sure what I would have done except go back to work defeated.

Where is your favorite area to cycle in?

The Lakefront trail but south of Museum Campus. Everyone always heads north by Oak Street and North Avenue, but I prefer how serene the south side is. Plus the view of the city is incredible. Also, I really enjoy biking through Chinatown and smelling the delicious food!