Women of Divvy | Johntuanay

October is Women's Bike Month and we're celebrating all the great women who keep Divvy rolling. Meet Johntuanay, as Outreach Coordinator she manages the Divvy for Everyone program and works to build community engagement and partnership strategies.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

Working with non profits and city residents to introduce them to Divvy’s annual subsidized membership program, Divvy For Everyone. People are usually shocked at how affordable and accessible Divvy is. It gives me a chance to provide residents with an additional resource for transportation.

Did you bike before working at Divvy?

No. As I started to take a deeper dive into my new role I began researching the health benefits of biking and slowly started by biking to work and exploring different communities on the weekends. It was a totally new experience riding through neighborhoods that I normally drove past a million times. I’ve never slowed down enough to take in the beauty that surrounded me. Biking gave me the ability to do that.

What is one thing you’ve learned about biking or bike share since working at Divvy?

This may sound like an urban legend but it’s worth sharing, there hasn’t been a day since the launch of Divvy that a person has not used the system. Our riders have taken on Chicago’s single digit temperatures, now that’s pretty bad @$$! We have the most passionate & committed riders ever! It makes my job fun when people are excited to use the system.

Do you have a favorite Divvy or biking adventure story?

Our outreach team partnered with our community partners Think Outside the Block for a late night bike ride in the heart of the Englewood community. The ride brought out over 200 people between the ages of 7 and 70. It was inspiring to see an area unite on their commitment to promoting safer streets, and peace in their communities.

Where is your favorite area to cycle in?

This is a hard one. I enjoy so many different communities and hate to highlight just one, but my personal favorite area to cycle in is Pilsen. I love street art! Pilsen is a neighborhood filled with culture & exceptional art. I enjoy cycling down 18th street and checking out the murals, it’s such a cool experience to check out by bike - I recommend it to everyone!

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