Women of Divvy | Jesseliy

October is Women's Bike Month and to celebrate we're highlighting all the great women who help make Divvy everything it is today.

Position: Marketing & Member Support Specialist

I assist with all of Divvy's Marketing, customer services and Outreach efforts. Everything from processing invoices to partaking in community bike rides.

How long have you worked at Divvy?

I started working at Divvy 5 years ago, about a month before Divvy launched. I joined the team as a Member Care Representative and in 2017 I became the Lead Member Care Representative. This year I was promoted and am now the Marketing & Member Support Specialist.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

It's interesting witnessing the growth Divvy has gone through these last 5 years, it continues to surprise me. When I first joined Divvy we didn’t have an office yet, my first day on the job was at our former HR manager’s house. I recall petting my boss’s cat while calling folks asking if they were interested in interviewing for a Re-balancer position. I still get excited when I see Divvy ads on billboards.

Did you bike before working at Divvy?

Yes, I grew up living across the street from Marquette Park and we would often go and bike for hours. My dad taught my brothers and I how to ride a bike I still remember how scared I was when my dad told me my training wheels were coming off! I still ride recreationally with my brother and during my breaks to grab a quick lunch.

What is one thing you’ve learned about biking or bike share since working at Divvy?

Before Divvy, I only biked at local parks in the South Side, I wasn’t aware of the rules of the road as a cyclist. I never biked in the same lane as a car before. I've learned you have to be just as aware of your surroundings as you would be driving in a car. I wouldn’t say I’m a master cyclist, I still get nervous at times, but I’ve become much more comfortable through working at Divvy.

Do you have a favorite Divvy or biking adventure story?

Divvy’s first warehouse was located in Goose Island and was the size of a football field. I’d come to work early so I could Divvy through the whole warehouse. It was mainly empty so my coworkers and I would zoom around before the rest of the team arrived. Most recently, I rode in Think Outside Da Block’s “Roll N Peace” community ride in Englewood and I loved it. It was awesome being part of something so positive.

Where is your favorite area to cycle in?

My favorite spot in Chicago is Millennium Park. I’m currently in the process of teaching my best friend Abby how to ride a bike and that’s where we go. Growing up, Abby was too scared to get on a bike because she has a fear of falling. It’s still a fear of hers but I try to jog alongside her while she tries to balance herself on the Divvy bike. While Abby was practicing there were some onlookers, one of them said her brother wants to learn how to ride a bike and now intends to use Divvy as a tool to help her brother learn. Her brother is in his 30’s, I encourage anyone to use a Divvy bike in learning how to ride a bike, they’re built to handle Chicago’s roads.