Women of Divvy | Courtney

October is Women's Bike Month and we're celebrating all the great women who keep Divvy rolling. Meet Courtney, as Marketing Coordinator she is a Jane of all trades leading corporate programming and campaign development at Divvy.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

Being able to use my expertise to show other people how cycling and bike-share can work for them. Everyone can be more active whether you ride for for long trips, short trips, commuting or for leisure.

Did you bike before working at Divvy?

Before working at Divvy I only every biked with kids when I was babysitting. Since joining Divvy I've been riding to grab lunch, make it to the gym and catch the morning train.

What is one thing you’ve learned about biking or bike share since working at Divvy?

That there is no one way to ride. I used to get caught up thinking that if I couldn't ride from where I was to where I shouldn't ride at all. When I saw all the different ways riders used Divvy it let me relax and enjoy taking short trips to build up endurance.

What are your biggest concerns while biking? How do you mitigate them?

How to get where I'm going on time and without getting too sweaty or winded. I'm procrastinator by nature but when I bike I'm forced to leave a little earlier and put a little more thought into my ride. To reward myself I take the scenic route and get to explore my neighborhood in new way.

Do you have favorite Divvy or biking adventure story?

I recently threw a friends bachelorette party and talked them all into taking Divvy's to get to our dinner and our first few stops of the evening. They're all from the burbs so talking them into riding was no small feat but it was so much fun to introduce my friends to my work.

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