Women of Divvy | Ava

October is Women's Bike Month and to celebrate we're highlighting all the great women who help make Divvy everything it is today. Meet Ava, the hub of policies, procedures and all things employee relations at Divvy.

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

Learning the in's and out's of bike share and all it's working parts. It's pretty cool.

Did you bike before working at Divvy?

Nope, I didn't bike because I didn't know how to ride one, I had a bad learning experience growing up. Working here changed that

What is one thing you’ve learned about bike share since working at Divvy?

How passionate people are about it. The people I meet who use Divvy are just as passionate as our team which is pretty cool to see.

Do you have a favorite Divvy or biking adventure story?

When I first started at Divvy I still didn't know how to ride a bike. Frank our Assistant Bike Operations Manager taught me how to fix a tire and then to ride the bike. That was pretty dope!

Where is your favorite area to cycle in?

I'm still a pretty nervous rider so I like riding where it isn't too busy, my favorite place to practice is the Divvy parking lot.