Rider Profile: Stephanie

Did you know that only 30% of Divvy members are female identifying? This month we’re talking to our members to learn how they started riding and their protips for getting started. Together we can #ClosetheFenderGap in biking.

Meet Stephanie, a fitness enthusiast and former indoor cycling instructor who fell in love with biking outdoors when she moved from NYC to Chicago.

How did you get started with Divvy?

Stephanie: When I moved from NYC to Chicago I realized how easy it was to get around Chicago by bike. In New York, the traffic was pretty intimidating so I didn’t feel as comfortable biking there but Chicago has so many other bikers and bike lanes that it feels a lot safer.

What is your favorite part of riding with Divvy?

Stephanie: I almost exclusively walk or bike to get around so I love how many stations are around the city and the freedom of being able to dock it and forget about it ‘til I need a bike again.

Any advice for people just getting started?

Stephanie: Don’t let the fear win! Reframe your thinking to focus on the freedom of riding.