Rider Profile: Lauren

Did you know that only 30% of Divvy members are female identifying? This month we’re talking to our members to learn how they started riding and their protips for getting started. Together we can #ClosetheFenderGap in biking.

Meet Lauren. She’s an avid runner and rider who discovered bike share when she moved to Chicago.

How did you get started with Divvy?

Lauren: I’ve always ridden bikes in a casual way but I’m from a quiet farm town so riding there is a very different experience. When I moved to Chicago last June I had never heard of Divvy but I saw all these bikes sitting around when my mom and I were moving me in. We went to investigate and ended up riding them up the lakefront path and it seemed like a great way to explore the city. Now everyone who comes to visit has to get on a bike with me.

Now that I’m more comfortable with the city I find myself using it as a way to run errands and just get around generally. It used to be more leisurely and now it’s a little more transactional. It’s becoming one of my go to commuting options.

Have you seen friends get more interested in biking since you’ve started?

Lauren: My friends in the city are really used to riding at this point. My friends from home are up for it since it’s an easy way to stay active but it’s a really different experience for them. I realized how comfortable I’ve gotten when I took my mom out for a ride recently. I’ll be out with the cars and my mom was a little nervous for me but you have to be a little aggressive when you’re riding in the city.

What is your favorite part of riding with Divvy?

Lauren: I love that I don’t need anything but my phone to access the bikes. I’m a big runner so if I end my run and I’m tired or want to run errands after it’s nice to know that I don’t need anything but my phone to access it.

What is your advice for people just getting started?

Lauren: Protip: use the app. When I first started I just circled around trying to find bikes or docks. Planning my route through the map in the app makes life so much easier.