Rider Profile: Hanna

Did you know that only 30% of Divvy members are female identifying? This month we’re talking to our members to learn how they started riding and their protips for getting started. Together we can #ClosetheFenderGap in biking.

Meet Hanna. She’s an avid runner and Divvy rider who conquered her fear of city riding and has become the biking expert among her friends. She talked to us about her journey to bike riding and shares her tips for new riders.

How did you get started with Divvy?

Hanna: I started with a goal to commute once a week. I was pretty intimidated by the thought of riding on the road at first. Even with bike lanes, all the cars going by you was still a little scary so I started by taking the lakefront path until I got more comfortable. Then I realized how many stations there really were and realized that I could save money commuting compared to rideshare. I’m pretty frugal so $99 for a year compared to $15 per ride was a great incentive for me. Plus biking fits in with my principles of saving the planet. I made the jump to an electric car why not make my non driving time more green also?

Have you seen friends get more interested in biking since you’ve started?

Hanna: I have - once my friends saw me riding Divvy, they started reaching out with their questions and I quickly became the subject matter expert! I think having someone they knew riding made it seem more accessible.

What is your favorite part of riding with Divvy?

Hanna: I’m the type of person who is always listening to something on my phone which means I’m terrified of my phone dying and leaving me stranded somewhere if I didn’t drive. I love that with my Divvy membership I get a key so I can get a ride even without a phone.

Any advice for people just getting started?

Hanna: Start small and practice on a known route with short trips to get comfortable. Ride with your seat low so you can still touch the ground if you’re afraid of an abrupt stop and as you get more comfortable you can raise your seat higher.