Rider Profile: Eric

Meet Eric, a Chicago native and the creative eye behind the photo tours at Formatografía. A member for 4 years he joined Divvy when his personal bike was stolen, now he’s fallen in love with all the transit options Chicago has to offer. We caught up with him during one of his tours to see how he uses Divvy for work and play.

Miles Biked: 2,397, Carbon Saved:1,910, Calories Burned:101,164

What's your favorite neighborhood? We wouldn’t have our amazing skyline without the Loop but Chicago is really about experiencing the 77 neighborhoods that make up the city. My favorite neighborhood overall would probably be Lakeview. It is pretty amazing that one neighborhood can encapsulate so many different unique ways of life, things to do, and beautiful sights and of course the lake!

What is your typical Divvy route? Up or Down Lake Shore Drive between Montrose and 31st St. I give the Epic Lakefront Biking Experience through Airbnb and Tripadvisor, and depending interests this tour can go anywhere in between. I also stop off at Grand a lot for my other experience, the Nighttime Photo Journey where I teach people how to take photography at night on the Chicago River.

For pleasure I go on the Lakefront for paddle boarding, exercising, having picnics, relaxing in hammocks, meditating, yoga & Qi Gong.

Why did you join Divvy? I own my own bike, but I warmed up to Divvy after many were stolen. Once I started combining Divvy with other modes of transit I found myself making better time, now I use it so much that I ranked into the 1st percentile of ridership last year!

Where is your favorite place to bike? I’ve used bike share in Toronto, Barcelona, San Diego, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, New York, among others places. But Chicago is still my favorite place,the lakefront is unlike anything I’ve experienced in other cities, plus it’s flat ;)

What is your perfect day off? Paddle boarding in the morning, in a hammock on the lakefront with my dogs Diego & Yaya while doing absolutely nothing, just savoring the present, then eating dinner with friends.

Your most memorable vacation… My South American / European transcontinental trip of 2016. I biked when I was in Barcelona and it remains to be one of the most amazing places I have ever set foot,the roads are much easier to navigate for a cyclist.

In your opinion, what is the best restaurant in Chicago? Little Bad Wolf- the food rivals West Loop’s hottest restaurants. Try the burgers, Brussels sprouts and the cobb salad.

What’s the one thing you can’t leave the house without? My UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker.