Rider Profile: Cassandra

Meet Cassandra, a Brooklyn based travel consultant who runs EscapingNY and is obsessed with all things travel & bike share. We caught up with her to find out how she used Divvy on her 5 day trip to Chicago.

Stats: Miles biked: 100, Carbon Saved: 76 Lbs, Calories Burned: 4,035

What is your favorite restaurant in Chicago? CHICAGO DINER! Meat-free since '83, I grew up in Milwaukee, so when I went vegetarian in 2002 I started taking road trips to Chicago just to eat at the Chicago Diner. Even though I moved to Brooklyn in 2005, I still make it to the diner nearly every year.

The one thing you can’t leave the house without: My Vessel hip pouch, I hate carrying purses and backpacks and I can fit all my goodies in this waterproof pouch and keep my hands free. It's hand-made in Milwaukee by a great company that is powered by solar energy. I wear it every single day and bring it to every city and country I visit.

What’s the highlight of your Chicago trip? Pilsen! This is my third time exploring Chicago by Divvy, but my first time visiting Pilsen. I loved the great food, beautiful architecture and seeing all the Mexican- and Day of the Dead-themed art.

Where is your favorite place in the world to bike? Cuba, I absolutely love biking through the hills of tobacco country.

Where was your most memorable trip? A 4-month hitchhiking and camping road trip I through Mexico and Cuba in 2016. I had no responsibilities and checked email rarely. It motivated me to start my own travel company!