Open House Chicago

Use and take a Divvy to visit the 250 Open House Chicago locations

The Chicago Architecture Center’s Open House Chicago is one of the highlights of the year in the city. For one glorious weekend, you and your friends get to peek into places that you’ve only dreamed of going into. It’s an Instagrammers dream and an architecture buff’s happiest time of the year. We wanted to highlight a few NEW spots this year, that conveniently are located near Divvy stations. So grab an Explorer Pass for 24-hours of 3-hour rides and go explore! (use promo code OHC18 in the Divvy app or at the kiosk for $5 off the Explorer Pass for the day!)

Let’s start out in Evanston at Industrious, Evanston. You’ve heard of coworking and shared workspaces? Well, Industrious is the largest premium one. This is their newest location in Evanston which has amazing spaces and amenities. Don’t miss the 5th floor where you can see amazing views of Evanston and the Chicago skyline.

Divvy station: Benson Ave. & Church St.

Let’s get back into the city and hit up West Ridge where one Divvy station gets you two new OHC locations! Park Gables Apartment Homes is an amazing Tudor-Revival building that when you come upon it, you feel as though you stepped back in time in England. And then one of its amenities is an unbelievable historic swimming pool that you just have to see for yourself.

About a block away is Park Castle Condominiums, where you step out of quaint England and into royalty as you come upon this castle-like structure. And again, with its incredible pool that has mosaic walls and a tented ceiling.

Divvy station: Western Ave. & Lunt Ave.

Heading over to the Near West Side we’ll visit the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum that sits in two surviving settlement homes which date back to 1889. Jane Addams was the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, partially for her work in improving the lives of Chicago immigrants. This museum honors her and rotates exhibitions regularly throughout the year.

Divvy station: Halsted St. & Polk St.

Finally, it’s not a bike tour without a bike stop. In Pilsen, we’ll visit Working Bikes which is a non-profit that takes used bikes, fixes them up and sells them back to local users who need an affordable biking option. The collection of bikes they’ve collected is incredible to see on their floors and learn about the creativity they put into them.

Divvy station: Western Ave. & 24th St.

There are 250 places to choose from to visit during Open House Chicago. You only have 48 hours to do it - make it a little easier on yourself by grabbing that Explorer Pass ($5 off using code OHC18 - download the Divvy app to redeem) and biking around rather than driving (who wants to park?!) or relying on the CTA!

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