Lollapalooza Pro Tips

Your guide to staying your fest best

For the uninitiated, Lollapalooza is the epic 4 day music festival that blows through Chicago every August. With a great lineup of performances, pop up market and plenty of food and drink options this is the party you don’t want to miss. Check out the tips below to get to your main event in style and stress free.

  • Grab your bike and go- We’ve partnered with Lollapalooza to bring you FREE Divvy rides to Lolla. Use code Lolla18 in the Divvy app to get your first 30 minute ride free! Plus we’ve got valets running all four days at Michigan & Jackson to get you where you need to go fast.
  • Stay hydrated- We know, we know the most boring yet essential pro-tip for every outdoor fest. Bonus Tip: Bring your empty water bottle to refill and save some $$$

  • Dust off that drawstring bag- Backpacks are life for any festival goer, but the bag rules at Lolla have changed this year and security is going to be strict. Get yourself through the line fast with the right bag.

  • Bring a Battery pack- Don’t let your phone die mid show. Bring your portable battery and charging cable to keep your phone going all night long.

  • Set a meet up- With an estimated 400,000 people going to Lolla this year, mobile data is going to be hard to come by. Set a meeting place in advance so when you lose your friends in the crowd you know where to start looking for them.