DivvyGiving | Rebecca

This holiday season we've teamed up the Howard Area Community Center to help give their clients access to transportation to school, work and emergency services. Meet Rebecca, when she found HACC she found a home.

When I first came to the states I couldn’t speak English at all, my husband had to come everywhere with me to translate!

HACC changed all of that. The teachers are the reason I can speak to you now. They helped me learn English and when I got good enough they helped me get a job. The teachers worked with me to write my resume and even helped to get me to my interviews.

If you don’t have the money for transportation they will give it to you. Teachers there will volunteer to give the money out of their own pocket if it means you will get to your interview. Thanks to them I was able to get a good job in a local hotel. They wiped away my tears and treated me like family when I needed help the most. HACC is my home and I’m just so grateful that other people want to help them now.

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