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This holiday season we've teamed up the Howard Area Community Center to help give their clients access to transportation to school, work and emergency services. Meet Patricia, after she found HACC she found family.

How did you get involved with HACC?

I first got involved with Howard Area Community Center because I was being nosy! They were posting information around the neighborhood and I wanted to see what they were talking about.

How has HACC impacted you?

HACC helped me get my GED and now my nursing degree! I always loved school but I hadn’t been able to finish my education before meeting them. They provided tutoring and let me come in for extra office hours with my teachers. Thanks to them I was able to graduate and then I started tutoring other students to help them get their GED too. After I finished my program I applied for their scholarship to get a nursing degree from Truman College. I got my associates at Truman and now I’m finishing my degree at Malcolm X.

HACC has supported me this entire journey and it hasn’t always been easy. My husband was diagnosed with dementia and we had to move him into a nursing home. Some days running between classes and visiting him I felt like I couldn’t do it. But HACC is my family, when I feel like giving up I remember that I have people who are invested in me. They let me print assignments, gave me a place to study and even helped with transportation to and from school.

This October, I wanted to find some way to try to pay them back for everything that they have done for me so I volunteered to start a small health clinic on Thursdays during the hours that the food pantry is open. I bought all my own equipment so I could take vital signs, measure blood pressure and remind people to take their medications.

I can’t thank the workers at HACC enough for all the help that they’ve given me. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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