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This holiday season we've teamed up the Howard Area Community Center to help give their clients access to transportation to school, work and emergency services. Meet Bayon, after he found HACC he was able to find hope and finish his education.

How did Howard Area Community Center impact you?

I moved to Chicago from West Africa in 2008. I had to take care of my family while working full time and hadn’t been able to finish my education. When I found HACC I found hope. I applied for their GED program and within a few weeks I started to see a difference in my skills.

I had tried to get my GED before but other programs weren’t able to give me the support that I needed to succeed. Teachers would rotate in and out and didn’t know my name. I would get discouraged and not be able to finish my classes.

The teachers at HACC are difference makers. The lessons are very practical so you can learn no matter what level you’re at when you come to them. The teachers there encourage you, they dream for you. I'm almost done with my GED and when I graduate they are going to help me find work.

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