DivvyGiving with Howard Area Community Center

This holiday season, we're giving thanks by giving back with Howard Area Community Center

From November 13 to November 30, our riders can visit bit.ly/DivvyGiving to donate to the Howard Area Community Center, a nonprofit that provides affordable and free education, employment, and health assistance programs to low-income people and families in Rogers Park and surrounding communities.

The money raised for the Howard Area Community Center will go toward the cost of transportation to job interviews, medical services, education, and crisis services. HACC’s low-income clients often lack access to affordable transportation and must walk to services, even in inclement winter weather.

We're matching each individual donation with a free Divvy for Everyone annual membership to help further expand bikeshare access to Chicago’s low-income residents.

“Transportation is such a critical need! It may seem like a small thing, and many of us take access to transportation for granted, but for some of Howard Area Community Center's clients, being able to get to an interview or to the first week of work, before they collect their first paycheck, can make all the difference in being able to get and keep a job,” said Amy Skalinder, Executive Director of the Howard Area Community Center. “We're truly grateful for Divvy's partnership in recognizing and addressing this need.”

Help us make a difference this holiday season with Howard Area Community Center

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