Divvy Has a New App

Today we began rolling out a new app for our bike share riders. To keep rolling without hiccups, be sure to update your Divvy app and verify your account.

What’s new in the Divvy app?

  • QR code unlocking — No more typing codes into docks. Now you can simply scan the code on the bike and off you go. (Don’t worry — if you have a Divvy key, that will still work.)

  • Feedback sharing — Ever had something go wrong on a ride and wished you could tell us? Or wanted to let the mechanic know exact details when you pressed the wrench button on the dock? Now you can by sharing feedback at the end of every ride.

  • Membership management — If you’re a member, you can now take care of everything all in the app. No need to log on to the website.

You’ll notice a few features missing (like Plan a Ride and Favorite Stations). Not to worry, they’ll come back better than ever this summer.

So be sure to update your app before your next ride. If you have any issues, be sure to contact our Customer Service team — they’ll be happy to help you out.