26.2 Reasons to Divvy this Marathon Weekend 

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is just days away and the best way to experience the weekend is by Divvy! Need a couple reasons why? Here's 26.2 of them!

1. For runners, you’re already running 26.2 miles this weekend. Warm up with a bike ride instead!

 pedal GIF

2. If you’re spectating, two wheels are faster for getting around the race course than two legs.

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3. The Divvy bell is top-notch for noise-making on the course. Mo’ Cowbell!

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4. There’s no better way to get from marathon expo to your favorite pasta joint.

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5. The course doesn’t go along Lakeshore - you’ve got to get out there at some point this weekend!

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6. If it’s good running weather, it’s good biking weather. Forecast looks great!

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7. You don’t have to care about race day traffic.

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8. If you bike to the start line, you get to hit snooze a couple more times in the morning.

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9. If you bike to the beach and go for a swim, you can turn this marathon into a triathlon.

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10. With 580+ stations, there is definitely one nearby your cheer zone. Map it out in the Transit app.

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11. Runners shouldn’t be the only ones breaking a sweat this weekend…

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12. …And maybe someone will cheer YOU on!

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13. Plus, you’ll stand out in the crowds if you’re spectating.

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14. The basket is perfect for holding that “Worst Parade Ever” sign you made for your friends.

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15. How else can be you at every mile marker along the way?

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16. Did we mention the bell? Seriously, it’s a good bell.

Brenfi ring bell alarm ringing GIF

17. You might get confused with being the race pacer.

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18. There’s no law saying you can’t buy a 26.2 sticker even if you biked it.

19. You can race yourself and get a new PR.

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20. This counts as cross-training.

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21. You can get just about anywhere in 26.2 minutes.

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22. The wind in your hair feels even better on a blue bike.

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23. With unlimited trips, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the bike. Just dock it!

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24. You’ll secretly impress other runners who see you on a bike after the finish.

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25. It’s the quickest way to get from the finish line to a nap.

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26.2. This has always been Divvy’s busiest day in October. Be a part of it!