Earning points with Bike Angels

Learn how to maximize your earning potential with Bike Angels.

Overall rules

  • Angels earn points for taking bikes from crowded stations and bringing them to empty ones or stations expected to soon become empty. Rack up the points by cycling from a full station to an empty station.
  • Any rides that start at a station with Drop Off points get 0 points.
  • Any rides that end at a station with Pick Up points get 0 points.
  • Otherwise, you earn the total of Pick Up plus Drop Off points for every ride.

Earning points

A few more tips on earning points

  • Points are calculated based on how many bikes will be needed at a particular station.
  • The points on the map update every 15 minutes (for example, at 1:00 PM, 1:15 PM, 1:30 PM, and again at 1:45 PM). Don’t worry, we lock-in points on stations when you unlock for the duration of your ride, so points at your destination won’t disappear while you’re riding.

  • Cheating isn't nice. If you repeatedly dock the same bike between two stations, you risk losing those points and being removed from the Bike Angels program.